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Round 7: True or False Round

In this round, you can always gamble with conviction. You have a fifty percent chance of getting it right anyway. Not bad, huh?

You get 1 point for each correct answer.

True or false round illustration

Question 1

The top scorer of the 2022 World Cup was Lionel Messi, true or false?

Not true (that was Kylian Mbappé)

Question 2


The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is after a design by Pablo Picasso, true or false?

Not true (after a design by Antoni Gaudí)

Question 3

penguin gif

The rupee is the currency of Sri Lanka, true or false?


Question 4

cgi gif

Apollo 12 was the mission of the Apollo program that put the first humans on the Moon, true or false?

Not true (it’s Apollo 11)

Question 5

Matrix gif

CODA was awarded the Oscar for best film in 2022, true or false?


Question 6

soccer wk

The 2026 World Cup will be held in Canada, Mexico and the United States, true or false?


Question 7

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonarparte became King of Holland in 1806, true or false?

Not true (that was his brother Louis Napoleon)

Question 8


The movie The Hobbit was directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, true or false?

Not true (it’s Peter Jackson)

Question 9


Remulus and Romus are the founders of Rome in Roman mythology, true or false?

Not True (It’s Romulus and Remus)

Question 10


The highest mountain peak in the Netherlands is Vaalserberg, true or false?


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