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Pub Quiz Groningen (2024 update)

Fancy a Pub Quiz in Groningen? Why not! Grunn is bustling with places where folks gather for an evening of quizzing (and drinking). Check out the Groningen venues hosting a Pub Quiz here.

1. Café de Toeter

Turfsingel 6, 9712 KP Groningen

By far the most famous Groningen pub where you can play quizzes. Every Wednesday and Sunday is Pub Quiz night at Café de Toeter.

The questions are asked in Dutch and English. The Wednesday Pub Quiz begins at 8 p.m., Sunday’s at 7 p.m., and you can sign up by calling or online through the Toeter’s website.

Quiz teams of up to five people compete in eight rounds (6 with general questions, 1 photo round and 1 audio round). If you finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, you will win a nice prize.

Café De Toeter Groningen outside

2. Borrelcafe Oblomov

Poelestraat 11, 9711 PG Groningen

Every Monday evening from 20:00 there is a PubQuiz at Borrelcafe Oblomov, a cozy café in the heart of Groningen.

The cost of the quiz is 2.50 euros per person and you can win a beer package as the grand prize. There are also prizes for second and third place. If you want to compete for the prizes, your team may consist of up to five quizzers.

You can sign up for the Pub Quiz by sending an email to info@oblomovgroningen stating your team name and number of people, or send them a message via Facebook.

Oblomov pub quiz Groningen

3. Café Singelier

Coendersweg 44, 9722 GH Groningen

Every second and fourth Monday of the month, starting at 8 p.m., is Pub Quiz night at cozy neighborhood pub De Singelier on Coendersweg, in the Helpman neighborhood.

Teams of up to five quizzers compete for first prize. Participating costs 2.50 euros per person.

There’s no shortage of delicious beers and gins at Café Singelier, they even distill their own gin!

The quiz starts at 8 p.m. and you can sign up by calling or sending an email, or through the social media channels.

Singelier Groningen

4. Buckshot Cafe

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58, 9711 HK Groningen

Since January 2019, Buckshot Café has hosted the “Buckquiz”: a pub quiz packed with questions about current events, general topics and, above all, lots of music.

In 2024, the quiz will be held weekly. Please note that there is often no quiz in the summer. Check the Buckshot Café website for the quiz schedule, and to sign up directly.

Buckshot Cafe Groningen

5. Cafe De Kale Jonker

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 148, 9711 HN Groningen

Every Tuesday between 20:00 and 23:00 it is traditionally Pub Quiz night at Café de Kale Jonker, a nice brown no-nonsense café on the Gedempte Zuiderdiep in Groningen.

What to expect? Music excerpts, pictures and questions with answers that are on the tip of your tongue, but of course you just can’t think of at the time!

You can sign up by sending a message via Facebook, signing up at the bar at or calling them.

The Bald Jonker Groningen

6. Café Bolhuis

Westerbadstraat 1, 9726 CN Groningen

Regularly a Pub Quiz is organized at Café Bolhuis. Completely free of charge and fun guaranteed. Check the Bolhuis website for the PubQuiz schedule.

What to expect? Quizzing in teams of up to five people in a cozy brown café. There is nothing to win, except of course eternal glory if your quiz team outsmarts the rest! You can sign up for the Pub Quiz at the bar or by calling 050 360 0666.

Café Bolhuis Groningen inside

7. Café de Klikspaan

Rabenhauptstraat 78, 9725 CG Groningen

About once a quarter, a general knowledge quiz is organized at Café De Klikspaan, the cozy brown neighborhood café on Rabenhaputstraat in Groningen from proud owner Aileen Meijer.

There are no set quiz days, so keep an eye on De Klikspaan’s Facebook page for the announcement of the next quiz. Up to 10 teams can participate (max. 5 people per team) and there is always a small prize for the winners. You can join for free.

You can sign up for the Pub Quiz at the bar or by sending an email to info@cafedeklikspaan.nl.

Café De Klikspaan Groningen

8. Party Cafe De Doos

Gelkingestraat 11, 9711 NA Groningen

Quizzing in a Groningen party pub; guaranteed to be a fun activity for friends, colleagues, clubs and bachelor parties!

The pub quiz at the Box is for groups from €5.00 p.p.

How many rounds you do depends on the group and time, you can specify this when booking the quiz.

Party Cafe De Doos Groningen inside

9. Eetcafe d’Ouwe Brandweer

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 75-77, 9711 HC Groningen

For companies, sports, staff and student associations, d’Ouwe Brandweer is a great location for a fun Pub Quiz in Groningen.

It is possible to organize the quiz in combination with various packages. A full dinner, tasty snacks and a movie menu (Pathé Groningen is opposite) are among the options.

Pub Quizzes are organized from 15 people and cost 6.50 euros per person.

Eetcafe D'Ouwe Brandweer Groningen inside

10. VERA

Oosterstraat 44, 9711 NV Groningen

Every so often, VERA hosts a fun quiz in its beautiful building on the Oosterstraat.

The quizzes are thematic. For example, there is the VERA Film Quiz, which falls under the heading of Zienema (highly recommended).

Another recurring event is, how could it be otherwise, the VERA Music Quiz: with videos, photos and live music, you will be questioned about music during this quiz. From Pop to Rock from Classical to Metal.

Keep an eye on the VERA Facebook page for upcoming quizzes.

Vera Groningen outside

11. Cafe De Drie Uiltjes

Oude Ebbingestraat 47, 9712 HB Groningen

Occasionally a quiz is organized at Cafe De Drie Uiltjes, a popular brown café in the center of Groningen.

The pub is known for its wide selection of beers, as well as its friendly and inviting atmosphere and regulars. And don’t forget the beautiful (partially covered) courtyard garden.

Keep an eye on The Three Owls website for the quiz schedule.

Café De Drie Uiltjes Groningen inside

12. Baxbier

Friesestraatweg 201, 2a, 9743 AC Groningen

Baxbier hosts a fun Pub Quiz every month.

On the first Wednesday of the month, under the direction of Quizmaster Thijs, the Bax Beer Quiz takes place in the Tasting Room.

Teams may consist of up to five people. Participating costs 2.50 euros per person. Walk-in: 7:30 p.m., start 8 p.m.

Keep an eye on Baxbier’s Facebook page for the quiz schedule.

Baxbier Groningen

13. Boel

Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 163, 9715 BC Groningen

Jeu-de-boules bar Boel is hosting a fun Pub Quiz on the last Sunday of the month starting Feb. 25, 2024.

Quiz teams may consist of up to five players and participation costs 3.50 euros per person.

You are also welcome to join us for a bite to eat prior to the quiz.

For more information, visit Boel’s website. There you can also sign up for the quiz.

PubQuiz on location quiz group

All Pub Quiz venues in Groningen on a map

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you do a pub quiz in Groningen on a Monday?

On Mondays, you are most likely to have a pub quiz at Oblomov and Café Singelier. Read more about these locations higher up on the page.

Where can you do a pub quiz on Wednesdays in Groningen?

On Wednesdays, you are most likely to have a pub quiz at Café de Toeter and Baxbier. Read more about these locations higher up on the page.

Add a Groningen Pub Quiz?

We do our best to keep an overview of Pub Quizzes in Groningen as complete as possible. But, of course, it is possible that we missed one. Is there a Pub Quiz missing that is organized in Groningen? Get in touch! We are happy to add it to the website Thanks!