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Pub Quiz Nijmegen (2024 update)

Want to join a Pub Quiz in Nijmegen? Great idea! In Nimma, quizzers can go big. Check out the Nijmegen venues hosting a Pub Quiz below. Go for it!

1. Proeflokaal Beij Ons

Daalsedwarsweg 21, 6521 EE Nijmegen

Every Tuesday starting at 8:30 p.m., Proeflokaal Beij Ons (Altrade) hosts a Pub Quiz in collaboration with Quizacademy.

Participation costs 4 euros per person, and if you want a bite to eat beforehand, you can reserve a spot by calling or emailing.

You can register for the quiz on the Quizacademy website. Tip: On their Facebook page, you can find hints that will help you with the quiz!

Proeflokaal Beij Ons Nijmegen inside

2. Café Van Rijn

Molenstraat 103A, 6511 HD Nijmegen

With the exception of the summer months, Café van Rijn (City Center) organizes a Pub Quiz once a month on Sunday evenings.

The quiz is created by a different team each week. Quiz teams may consist of up to five people and participation costs 10 euros per team. Van Rijn will provide snacks and prizes.

Follow Van Rijn’s Facebook page to stay up to date on the quiz schedule.

Cafe van Rijn Nijmegen inside

3. De Kluizenaar

Burghardt van Den Berghstraat 96, 6512 DP Nijmegen

De Kluizenaar in Nijmegen’s Bottendaal neighborhood organizes – outside the summer months – a Pub Quiz every Monday from 8:30 p.m. onwards.

The quiz is the ultimate test to find out if you can count yourself among the smartest people in Nijmegen ;)!

You can only make reservations for the quiz if you also come for a bite to eat beforehand. For more information, visit De Kluizenaar’s website.

De Kluizenaar Nijmegen inside

4. Café Eten en Drinken

Groesbeeksedwarsweg 305, 6521 DK Nijmegen

Every second Saturday of the month, the colorful and cozy Café Eten en Drinken in Nijmegen East organizes a Pub Quiz.

The quiz is organized in cooperation with Quizacademy. It starts at 9 p.m. and lasts until about 11:30 p.m. Expect lots of photos and videos on a big screen! Participation costs 4 euros per person and you can reserve a spot through the Quizacademy website.

Cafe Eten en Drinken Nijmegen inside

5. Brasserie 1910

Griftdijk 201, 6515 AE Nijmegen

Brasserie 1910 in Nijmegen-North organizes a Pub Quiz every fourth Friday of the month in cooperation with Bob’s PubQuiz, starting at 20:00.

Teams may consist of up to five quizzers and participation costs 10 euros per team (to pay in advance at the bar). Brasserie 1910 will treat the first round of bitterballs and provide a prize for the winners.

You can sign up on the Brasserie 1910 website.

Brasserie 1910 Nijmegen inside

6. Cafe de Zon

Oosterhoutsedijk 16, 6663 KS Nijmegen

Café de Zon, one of Lent’s oldest pubs, hosts a Pub Quiz every second Friday of the month.

The quiz has been organized in cooperation with De Quizmeester since 2019. In eight rounds, each with its own theme, you and your team (4-6 people) will compete against the other teams.

Sign up can be done at info@cafedezonlent.nl or the contact form on the website of De Zon.

Cafe De Zon Nijmegen inside

7. Café de Kroon

Daalseweg 361, 6523 CC Nijmegen

Café De Kroon (Hengstdal) organizes, with the exception of July and August, music quiz “Raad de Plaat” every third Saturday of the month.

And it doesn’t stop there! Upon request, you can also take a beer quiz at this cozy neighborhood pub. There are also regular performances and events.

Visit Café De Kroon’s website for more info.

Café De Kroon Nijmegen inside

8. Café ‘t Haantje

Daalseweg 19, 6521 GE Nijmegen

Café ‘t Haantje (Altrade) hosts a Pub Quiz every second Saturday of the month starting at 8:30 pm.

Quiz teams may consist of up to four people. You can register your team at the bar and provide your team name and number of participants. Full is full, so come on time!

The announcement of the next quiz can be found on ‘t Haantje’s Facebook page.

Cafe 't Haantje Nijmegen inside

9. Café Faber

Van Broeckhuysenstraat 12-14, 6511 PH Nijmegen

Café Faber (City Center) hosts a Pub Quiz every month, outside the summer months.

Teams may consist of up to five quizzers and participation costs 2 euros per person. The winning team does not have to pay the bill accrued during the quiz. It is not possible to make reservations.

The next quiz will be announced on Café Faber’s Facebook page.

Cafe Faber Nijmegen inside

10. Buur

Deken Hensburchstraat 2, 6525 VJ Nijmegen

At Buur (Nijmegen-South), a Pub Quiz is regularly organized.

Quiz teams may consist of three to six people and participation costs five euros per person, but if you get a bite to eat beforehand, participation is free.

The quiz usually starts at 8:30 p.m. (walk-in: 8 p.m.) and lasts until about 11 p.m. The quiz calendar can be found on the website From Buur and sign up can be done through info@buurbrakkenstein.nl.

Buur Nijmegen indoor bar

11. Café Samson

Houtstraat 4, 6511 JN Nijmegen

Café Samson (City Center) regularly organizes, in cooperation with Upbeatles, a fun Pub Quiz.

Quiz days alternate, so keep an eye on Upbeatles ‘ calendar or Facebook page for the commendation of the next Pub Quiz at Samson’s.

You can sign up at the bar or by sending an e-mail to cafesamson@gmail.com.

Cafe Samson Nijmegen bar

12. Café Piet Huisman

Sint Jacobslaan 30, 6533 BT Nijmegen

Piet Huisman (St. Anna) hosts a fun Pub Quiz every month.

Teams may consist of three to four quizzers. The Quizmaster, Hans, leads the quiz and asks the questions. Prizes range from gift certificates to goodie bags.

You can find the announcement of the next quiz on Facebook, in the calendar on Piet Huisman’s website and on the signs in the café.

Café Piet Huisman Nijmegen bar

13. Cafe Maxim

Burghardt van Den Berghstraat 87-89, 6512 DG Nijmegen

Café Maxim (Bottendaal) traditionally hosts a weekly Pub Quiz during the dark months of the year in cooperation with Upbeatles.

The quiz then takes place on the second Sunday of the month and starts at 8 p.m. (registration begins at 7:15 p.m.). The quiz will last until about 10:45 p.m.

You can find the announcement of the next quiz on Maxim’s Facebook page.

Cafe Maxim Nijmegen inside

14. Café Daen

Grote Markt 23/24, 6511 KA Nijmegen

Café Daen (Nijmegen-Centrum) organizes a cool Pub Quiz during the dark months of the year.

The quiz is organized in collaboration with Upbeatles. For example, the popular Top-2000 quiz.

Check Cafe Daen’s Facebook page for the announcement of the next quiz.

Cafe Daen Nijmegen inside

15. Concertgebouw de Vereeniging

Keizer Karelplein 2D, 6511 NC Nijmegen

Concertgebouw De Vereeniging (City Center) regularly organizes, in cooperation with Upbeatles, a fun themed quiz.

Previously, a Top 2000 quiz and a Friends quiz were organized at De Vereeniging, and in the summer there is a real silent quiz on the terrace.

Check De Vereeniging’s calendar for announcements of upcoming pub quizzes.

Concertgebouw De Vereeniging Nijmegen inside

16. Black & Blue

Hatertseweg 23 B, 6533 AB Nijmegen

Black & Blue (St. Anna) organizes a Pub Quiz on request (20 people or more).

Fun and relaxation through cooperation is the motto of the quiz. Costs are on request and depend on group size and time frame.

For more information, visit the Black & Blue website.

Black & Blue Nijmegen inside

17. The Industry

Weurtseweg 105, 6541 AP Nijmegen

De Industrie (Old West) will organize Pub Quiz West on the first Monday of the month.

The quiz is organized in cooperation with Upbeatles and participation costs 4.50 euros per person.

You can apply on De Industrie website or by emailing info@deindustrie.nl.

The Industry Nijmegen bar

18. Café St Anneke

Sint Annastraat 55, 6524 EG Nijmegen

Café St Anneke (Indische Buurt) will organize a Pub Quiz in collaboration with Upbeatles on the second Wednesday of the month starting in March 2023.

Starting at 8:30 p.m., you can join the pub quiz. participating costs 7.50 euros per team.

Register for the quiz by sending an email to info@stanneke.nl.

For more information, contact Café St Anneke.

Café st. Anneke Nijmegen bar

19. Thiemeloods

Leemptstraat 34, 6512 EN Nijmegen

Thiemeloods (Bottendaal) hosts an English-language Pub Quiz on every Wednesday night from 9 p.m. onward.

Each week there are 5 rounds with topics such as current events, entertainment and general knowledge.

Participation costs 3 euros per person. Pre-registration is not required.

For more information, visit the Thiemeloods website.

Women's pub quiz illustration

20. Café van Ouds Nijmegen

Augustijnenstraat 33, 6511 KD Nijmegen

Café van Ouds (center) hosts a Pub Quiz on every second Tuesday of the month.

The quiz begins at 8 p.m. and quiz teams may consist of up to 4 people.

For more information, check out Van Ouds’ Facebook page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Nijmegen can you do a pub quiz on Tuesdays?

On Tuesdays, you’re most likely to have a pub quiz at Proeflokaal Beij Ons. Read above how that’s done at this location.

Is there a pub quiz in Nijmegen on Fridays?

On Fridays, you are most likely to have a pub quiz at Brasserie 1910 and Café de Zon. Read more about these locations higher up on the page.

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