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Preparing yourself for a Pub Quiz

So you want to prepare for a pub quiz? Nice one! You can dig through books, make online quizzes, download quiz apps – all kinds of things are possible, but where to start? In this article, we will gladly help you find your way.

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How do you prepare for a pub quiz? 5 tips

These 5 tips will help you prepare for a pub quiz and be well prepared.

Tip 1: Inquire about the format of the pub quiz

Of course, how best to prepare for a pub quiz depends primarily on the type of quiz. Does the quiz have an overarching theme, such as a time period (the 1990s)? Or are there specific pub quiz rounds such as general knowledge, movies, sports or music? The more you know about the quiz, the better you can prepare for it. So check with the organizer to find out exactly what to expect from the pub quiz.


Tip 2: Follow current events

A good pub quiz feels “fresh,” and contains some questions about current events. So you have an edge at most pub quizzes if you follow the news a bit. If you haven’t already done so, in the days or weeks leading up to the quiz, for example, watch the News on tv, keep an eye on news websites or read an old-fashioned newspaper for a change ;-).

Tip 3: Practice quiz questions

Because many quiz masters “borrow” questions from other quizzes or come up with similar questions, when preparing, it is also smart to practice quiz questions. This will also give you an idea of the type of questions asked.

You can take quiz questions from quiz books or fact books, or collect them online, for example. In our pub quiz questions section we have published more than 1,500 free quiz questions divided into popular categories. Take advantage of those! Practice especially the categories you (think you) have little knowledge of.

Tip 4: Do quizzes

Are you not into single quiz questions? Or just lazy ;-)? No problem! You can also find complete pub quizzes online that you can do to practice. Some are free, for others you will have to pay. For example, in our shop you will find some ready-made pub quizzes.

Some free options include:

    • Quiz websites: Sporcle is a popular quiz website where numerous free quizzes can be found (most are in English). Retrieved from Group Games you can also take several free quizzes in Dutch. Find more websites in our Quiz websites article.
    • Free pub quiz videos: on the YouTube channel of De Andere Quiz and The Other Quiz you will find several free pub quizzes;
    • Quiz apps: If you prefer to practice on your phone and in an interactive way, consider practicing with pub quiz apps like Trivia Crack and Songpop.

TIP: Take our free sample pub quiz and find out in eight rounds of quizzes which rounds you are not currently scoring optimally on.

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Tip 5: Choose your teammates strategically

If you want to increase your chances of winning the pub quiz, think carefully about who your teammates will be! A clever mix of quiz mates can make just the difference.

First, think about what you expect yourself to do well and not so well in. For example, do you know a lot about music and popular culture, but little about history, film, geography and science? Then, if possible, choose teammates who each specialize in one of those categories. Teamwork makes the dream work! (Tip: Looking for another great name for your dream team? Then check out our pub quiz team name page for some suggestions).

Finally, be sure to get plenty of rest and come to the pub quiz well-fed and hydrated. That way, at least you start the quiz as sharp as possible and increase your chances of winning.

The above tips will help you prepare for a pub quiz, but above all, don’t forget to have fun. In the end, pub quizzes are mostly about having a good time.

Want to know more about pub quizzes in general? Then read our what is a pub quiz? article. Got the hang of it? Then find a pub quiz near you, by now there are more than 200 pub quizzes on our website.

Frequently asked questions about preparing for a pub quiz

What do you need to know for a pub quiz?

What you need to know for a pub quiz varies by type of quiz, but it always helps to have a good general knowledge. In addition, for pub quizzes, it is also helpful to have good problem-solving skills, be able to work in teams and think quickly.

What kind of questions can you expect in a pub quiz?

Questions you can expect in a regular pub quiz range from general knowledge to specific topics such as history, music, sports, film, science and geography. Often a pub quiz consists of open-ended questions, but sometimes multiple choice or estimation questions are asked.

Custom pub quiz

Are you looking for a custom pub quiz for a party, your own pub or any other special occasion? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.