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Pub Quiz invitation tips & examples

So you are going to maken a pub quiz and also want to create a nice invitation? Great idea! After all, it’s nice of course to get your participants excited about your quiz with a nice poster or picture. Take a quick look at our tips and examples for inspiration.

Pub quiz invitation illustration woman megaphone

What should be in your Quiz invitation?

A good Pub Quiz invitation not only looks nice, but also clearly communicates key information to your target audience so participants know what to expect. So make sure your invitation at least states:


    • The type of quiz: if the quiz has a theme, for example, Music, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Disney or Harry Potter.
    • When your Pub Quiz takes place: include the date and start time.
    • Cost of participation: if you can participate for free, please mention this.
    • Team size: what is the minimum and maximum number of people a team should consist of? In many pub quizzes, this is 2-5 players per team.
    • How to register: for example, include a phone number, website, email address or that reservations are not necessary and you can register on the spot.
Pub Quiz invitation example 1

Additional info you can include in your invitation

Once you have the basic information, consider putting this information on your invitation as well.


    • Location: if not obvious, include the location. Is the quiz in a cafe, restaurant, at your home or somewhere else?
    • Prizes: are there prizes to be won? If so, mention them; it may be an additional motivation to participate.
    • How spots there are: this may encourage people to sign up (quickly).
    • End time: it may be helpful to give an indication of when the quiz will end.
    • Refreshments: will there be snacks and drinks that you can mention? Or a special dinner deal?
    • Other information: what makes your Pub Quiz unique? Do you have any special quiz rounds? A funny quizmaster? Put it on your invitation!

Christmas Pub Quiz invitation examples

Below are two examples of a Christmas Pub Quiz invitation (1 in Dutch)

Pub Quiz invitation example christmas
Pub quiz invitation sample Christmas quiz 2

New Year’s Eve Quiz invitation examples

Below are two examples of a New Year’s Eve Pub Quiz invitation

Pub Quiz invitation example New Year's Quiz
Pub Quiz invitation New Year's 2

Creating your own Pub Quiz invitation

Hopefully by now you’ve gained enough information and some inspiration to make your own proper pub quiz invitation. Now it’s time to get down to business yourself.

For example, you can create an invitation from scratch using Powerpoint, Photoshop or olschool MS Paint. On Pinterest you will find even more quiz invitation inspiration that can help you.

If you want to make it a little easier on yourself (as we did), you can also use a tool like Canva. There is a free version available and no, we don’t get paid to mention Canva ;-).

Invitation ready? Nice going! Learn more about the other steps in organizing a pub quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to invite people to your pub quiz?

You can invite people in different ways. For example, through social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, your website, email or old-fashioned through the mail.

What should you definitely not forget to mention?

In your invitation, include at least date and starting time, team size, cost, theme and how to register.


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