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Hosting a Pub Quiz event on Location

An pub quiz event, such as a company outing, team outing or part of a party or large event is a fun and interactive activity that brings people together and encourages competition in a relaxed setting. Of course there is competition for prizes, but fun always comes first.

A Pub Quiz event on location in short:

    • Strengthen bonds in a relaxed setting
    • At your own location or externally
    • With experienced Quizmasters and fun prizes
    • Personalize the quiz (optional)
    • Also suitable for large groups

Hosting an on-site Pub Quiz ensures a memorable experience. Request an intake interview to discuss options, or us at 06-39893955!

PubQuiz on location quizmaster

How does an on-site Pub Quiz work?

With an on-site PubQuiz, an enthusiastic quizmaster comes to you to present a unique and unforgettable quiz!

This could be for a company outing or team outing, but also for some other event to which you want to add a fun activity, such as a bachelor party, wedding party or a corporate event.

We have experience with quizzes for both small and large groups, and work with experienced quizmasters who operate nationwide and in some cases beyond.

Company Outing Pub Quiz

Strengthen bonds among coworkers with a successful Pub Quiz as a company outing.

Bachelor Party Pub Quiz

Take any bachelor party to the next level with an interactive quiz full of fun.

Quiz with Quizmaster

An experienced quizmaster makes the difference between an okay quiz and an unforgettable quiz.

From standard Pub Quiz to fully customized

With an on-site quiz, many things are possible. From a general knowledge quiz, to a complete themed quiz including personalized questions, PowerPoint presentation and catering. From old-fashioned answering with pen and paper, to using an app or voting pads for large groups.

We are happy to discuss your needs and ideas for the Pub Quiz during an intake interview, and then together we will create a plan of how to make the quiz a success.

Examples of popular on-site quizzes

For an on-site Pub Quiz, something can always be tailored to suit your needs. Don’t have any specific ideas (yet) with the quiz? No worries! Examples of quizzes that usually do well include:

For most on-site pub quizzes, we recommend choosing a quiz with several different quiz rounds, rather than a very specific theme. This way you make sure that all participants have fun participating, and no one feels left out.

PubQuiz on location quiz group
PubQuiz on location groups playing

Frequently asked questions about an on-site quiz

How much does it cost to book an on-site pub quiz?

The cost of an on-site PubQuiz depends on the location, size of the group, length of the quiz and special requests, among other factors. Request a free intake interview to discuss your options.

Is an on-site pub quiz suitable for large groups?

Yes, a pub quiz is also suitable for larger groups. We have experience with small groups and very large groups. A good thing to keep in mind: the larger the group, the more important the preconditions become, such as good sound and, for example, a large TV screen or projector, so that everyone can follow the quiz.

Can I provide my own quiz questions for the quiz?

Yes you can! If you want to incorporate questions about teammates, colleagues or your organization, for example, this is possible.

Do I need to arrange my own venue for the pub quiz?

No, you don’t have to, but you can. If you have a venue in mind, such as your company location, we can work together to see if it is a suitable place for a pub quiz. Don’t have a location? We would be happy to help you find a suitable place.

Request an intake interview for an on-site Pub Quiz

Wondering what the options are for an on-site pub quiz? Contact us! We are happy to help you organize a fun quiz. Fill out the form below (the more complete, the better), and we will contact you within 1 business day. Or call us at 06-39893955.

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