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Whether you are going to organize a pub quiz yourself, or want to prepare for a quiz you are going to do, in this article you will read all about pub quiz rounds!

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10x Pub Quiz Rounds ideas

If you are creating your own pub quiz and are looking for quiz round ideas, first check out the 6 common quiz rounds below.

1. General Knowledge Round

The General Knowledge round is a true classic. It is a round that asks questions on a wide range of topics, including history, geography, science, politics, culture and current events. They often contain facts, names, dates, places and events.

Examples of general knowledge questions:

    • Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun? (Mercury)
    • What is the tallest building in the world? (Burj Khalifa)

2. Music Round

The music round is usually a very popular round in pub quizzes. Often during the music round, excerpts of songs are played and participants have to determine who the artists are and what the songs are called. Sometimes the music round does not include sound clips but does include music questions about popular music, such as song lyrics, artist names and album titles.

3. Film and Television Round

The Film and Television round asks questions about movies and television programs. For example, the questions can be about actors, directors, titles, characters, writers and quotes. Common topics include well-known classic films, recent releases, or the awards a film or series has won, such as Oscars or Golden Globes.

Examples of
film and television questions

    • Who won the oscar for best actor in 2023? (Brendan Fraser)
    • What is the name of the film museum in Amsterdam? (Eye Film Museum)

4. History round

The history round asks questions about events, historical figures, cultures, conflicts and places. History questions can range from factual questions, such as years, to more analytical questions about historical movements. Popular topics include world history, national history, military history and specific periods.

5. Sports Round

The sports round includes questions about sports, such as game rules, statistics, famous athletes, sports teams, sports games and sporting events. For example, the questions can be about recent games or championships, historical sports facts, individual players and records. Sports often featured in the sports round are soccer, athletics, Formula 1 and Olympic sports.

6. Geography Round

In the geography round, participants are given questions about such things as provinces, countries, cities, rivers, mountains and oceans. Consider questions about the location of places in the world, borders between countries, capitals, population numbers and famous landmarks.

Examples of geography questions:

    • What is the smallest country in the world? (Vatican City)
    • What is the name of the river that flows through Paris? (The Seine)

Original pub quiz rounds

If, as a pub quiz organizer, you want to make your quiz a little more unique than the average quiz, consider adding original pub quiz rounds to your quiz. For example, consider a picture round, voices round or assignment round.

7. Picture Round / Photo Round

In the picture round (also called photo round), participants are presented with a number of images, such as pictures of famous people, places or works of art, and must identify the correct name, location or artist. In many pub quizzes, the picture round is the first round of the quiz. As an organizer, you can print out the pictures for the participants, or show them via a TV screen or projector.

8. Voices Round

In the Voices round, the organizer plays sound clips in which the voices of famous people can be recognized, such as politicians, people from the media, or actors. Participants should write down which voice or voices they recognize. As an organizer, you can search for interviews on YouTube or a podcast app, for example, and play snippets of them during the voices round.

9. The Bridge Round

In the bridge round, each question makes a bridge to the next question. How that works. Well pretty much like this:

    • Question 1: This century saw a period of prosperity in the Netherlands and is also called the Golden Age. What century are we talking about?
    • Answer: the 17th century
    • Question 2: From Golden Age to Gold Diggers. In which American state with Sacramento as its capital was there a real Goldrush from January 1848 to 1856?
    • Answer: California
    • From Goldrush to Rush Hour. Which Hong Kong actor and kung fu expert played one of the lead roles in this 1998 film?
    • Answer: Jackie Chan
    • Question 3: From Honkong to King Kong….

And so on.

10. Assignment round

In the assignments round, participants receive an assignment from the organizer that they must work on during the next round. Examples of do assignments include creating a piece of art, writing a song or performing a dance.

Are you going to organize a pub quiz And are you looking for original pub quiz rounds? Then consider what would be a good fit for the participants and the location where the quiz is being held. Of course, the quiz should be fun and not scare participants.

Frequently asked questions about pub quiz rounds

How many rounds does a pub quiz have?

A pub quiz often has five to 10 pub quiz rounds, each with a different theme. Often each round consists of 5 to 10 quiz questions. The pub quizzes you can buy from us usually have 6 to 9 rounds.

How do you make a good pub quiz?

A good pub quiz includes fun and original pub quiz rounds, a balance of difficult and easy questions, and a clear presentation.

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