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75x Fun Team Names for a Pub Quiz

Choosing a team name for a pub quiz is almost as much fun as playing the quiz itself. Try to choose a name that stands out and fits your team. Below are some angles and examples that can help you with thinking of the perfect team name.

Funny pub quiz team names with ‘Quiz’

Team names that contan the word ‘quiz’ often do well in pub quizzes. There is almmost always at least one team doing it.

  1. Jesus Quizt
  2. Quiz Wits
  3. Quiz Khalifa
  4. The Count of Monte Quizto
  5. Quiz in My Pants
  6. Quizzy Business
  7. The Quizmunchers
  8. Quizterious Minds
  9. Quizlamic State
  10. Quizzinators

Funny pub quiz team names for when the scores are called

In most pub quizzes, the quizmaster periodically calls out the scores. These team names often guarentee laughter when this happens.

  1. Still my personal favorite
  2. Finished first last time
  3. What a lame team name
  4. By the way, the free bitterballs are coming
  5. The free beer round starts now
  6. I meant first place
  7. Oh no, that’s not right

Team names for the teams that are competing primarily for fun

Do you participate mainly for fun, and not for prizes? Then consider a team name that indicates you are not overly confident in your quiz team’s abilities. Here are some examples:

  1. Just along for the ride
  2. Not a Chance
  3. Here for fun
  4. Team Dunno
  5. Dumb & Dumber
  6. Who knows?
  7. Team No Idea / Team Keine Ahnung
  8. Clueless Wonders
  9. We thought this was speed dating
  10. Brainless
  11. Not a Clue Crew
  12. Next question please
  13. The Forgetful Five
  14. Lost in Quizlation
  15. The Quizzin’ Confused

Funny team names for thirsty quizzers

Do you come more for the “Pub” element, rather than “Quiz”? Then consider one of these quiz team names. Then the other teams will immediately know what you excel at.

  1. Per consumption wizer
  2. Boozy Braniacs
  3. The Trivial Tigers
  4. Tequila Mockingbirds
  5. Blood, Sweat and Beers
  6. Smarty Pints
  7. Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow
  8. Quizzly Beers
  9. The Three Must Get Beers
  10. Whiskeypedia

Classic (mostly) English-language team names

When choosing a funny English team name for a pub quiz, puns are never far away. The following is a selection of the many funny (and sometimes very silly) English team names.

  1. Quizzy McQuizface
  2. Never Gonna Quiz You Up
  3. The Spanish Inquizition
  4. No Eye Dear
  5. The Quiztastic Four
  6. Risky Quizness
  7. The Trivial Pursuits
  8. Quiz On My Face
  9. The Underdogs
  10. I am Smarticus
  11. Quiztopher Quiztopherson
  12. The Quizlamic Extremists
  13. The Quiztronauts
  14. Sherlock homies
  15. E=MC Hammer
  16. The Quizzard of Oz
  17. Tip of the tongue
  18. Les Quizerables
  19. Veni Vidi Quizci
  20. You’re a Quizzard Harry
  21. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Quizadry
  22. The Fellowship of the Quiz
  23. None of Your Quizness
  24. Fo’ Quizzle My Nizzle
  25. Two Girls, One Quiz
  26. Thinky and the Brain
  27. Quizteama Aguilera
  28. Quiztopher Collumbus
  29. Quizimodo
  30. Los Conquiztadores
  31. Quiz Team-Ano Ronaldo
  32. Taking Care of Quizness
  33. I got 99 problems and this quiz is one

Hopefully you got some inspiration from these lists of funny quiz team names!

The idea of choosing a pub quiz team name is to be creative and have fun. So do your best to come up with your own unique and funny team name with your teammates!

Coming up with your own pub quiz team name

There are several ways you can choose a name for your quiz team:

  • Look at your team members: What are the personalities, interests and backgrounds of your team members? Try to choose a name that suits them;
  • Use pop culture: For example, use a movie title, song, celebrity or other pop culture reference as inspiration for your team name.
  • Be creative: Come up with a name that stands out and is fun to say. Try not to be too serious and let your imagination run wild.
  • Play with words: Use puns or other expressions of language to create a fun and original team name.
  • Ask for help: Ask other team members to contribute ideas or brainstorm together to choose a name.

The most important thing is to choose a name that suits your team and is fun and memorable.

Good luck coming up with a fun team name!

Test out your new name right away? Find a pub quiz near you! Or practice first with our free pub quiz questions.

PS: Have you come up with a great team name and want it added to this page? Then get in touch! Our judges will then determine if it is funny enough ;-). We’ll add it if we are excited and you will receive an honorable mention.

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