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A Pub Quiz to play at home

So you want to play a fun Pub Quiz in the comfort of your own home? Great idea! Pub quizzes are the perfect activity to have fun times with your family, friends or roommates, while putting your knowledge to the test in a relaxed setting.

Short on time or don’t feel like creating an entire quiz yourself? No worries! We have several Pub Quiz packages. After downloading, you can start playing immediately.

A Pub Quiz for at home in short:

    • Ready-made Pub Quiz packages to play at home;
    • Play directly after download;
    • Cozy home quizzing with family, friends or roommates.
pub quiz for home package

How can you do a Pub Quiz at home?

Although most people do pub quizzes in a pub, at home is also a great place for a fun trivia quiz. But how do you fix that?

You can, of course, create your own quiz if you like this and have the time. But if you’re in a hurry or prefer a professional quiz that you can play at home, it’s better to opt for a ready-made Pub Quiz. Kind of easy.

You then won’t need much else to organize a quiz in your own home, except:

  • A screen where you play the quiz. For example, a TV, laptop or monitor. Make sure you also have sound for the music round(s);
  • An answer sheet and something to write with, such as a pen or pencil (you can download free PubQuiz answer sheets on our website);
  • Enthusiastic players who fancy a fun trivia quiz.

That’s all! If you have these basic supplies, then you are pretty mucg ready to play a Pub Quiz at home.

Ready-made PubQuiz for home packages

Our ready-made Pub Quiz packages are carefully and lovingly designed by our own enthusiastic quiz makers.

We have general Pub Quiz packages that cover many different topics: from sports to movies and TV, to general knowledge and music. We also have some themed quizzes focused on 1 overarching topic.

Most quizzes are available in both Dutch and English. Keep an eye on our shop, new pub quizzes are added regularly.

All set for a fun activity? Download a ready-made quiz, immerse yourself in the world of trivia and enjoy an unforgettable evening of fun in your living room, kitchen, on your balcony, or wherever you will play the quiz ;-).

Sample quiz questions from a PubQuiz package

Music Quiz example question 2
General pub quiz 2024 example question 2
General Pub Quiz 2024 example question

Frequently asked questions about Pub Quizzes for at home

What is the advantage of a ready-made Pub Quiz for playing at home?

A ready-made Pub Quiz saves valuable preparation time, allowing you to focus on the other things that are important when organizing a home (Pub) Quiz. For example, arrange the snacks and drinks, come up with fun prizes for the winners, and create a nice atmosphere in your home for the quiz.

Can I add my own personal quiz round?

Yes you can with our quizzes! You will be given a PowerPoint file, and in it you can add your own question slides if you wish. (note that it is not possible to edit our questions in the PowerPoint). If you are playing with family, for example, you can add a round of fun quiz questions for your family.

How many questions does an average pub quiz have?

On average, a Pub Quiz has 50 to 80 quiz questions. With that amount you can usually play for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Do you want to make a Pub Quiz yourself? Then take a look at our manuals Making a Pub Quiz and Organizing a Pub Quiz.

Can I participate in the quiz myself if I buy a package?

Yes you can! With our quiz packages, you can decide whether you want to play quizmaster or participate in the quiz yourself. You will find the correct answers to the quiz questions at the end of each quiz round. So the choice is entirely up to you!


Custom quizzes

Not looking for a ready-made quiz package, but really something special? Then a customized quiz might be for you! This is something that we also offer. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.