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In this section you’ll find a selection of free Trivia Quiz questions. On a variety of topics. Easy and difficult. Currently (January 2024) there are more than 1,700, and new trivia questions are being added all the time, so feel free to come back again!

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Popular Questions Topics

General knowledge

A good way to find out who paid close attention in school and who didn’t. Those who have expanded their horizons and those who have lived under a rock.


Do Nextflix, Prime, Videoland, Disney+ etc. no longer hold secrets for you? And are you regularly at the cinema? Then you should be fine with these film questions.


Sports questions in quizzes… For some a stumbling block, for others their moment to shine. From soccer to ice skating, from the Olympics to chess.


“History is a bunch of lies on which everyone agrees,” said one Frenchman named Napoleon Bonaparte. How comfortable are you with historical facts and stories?


How far does your music knowledge extend? From Beatles to K3? And from Barbie Girl to Bach? Hats off if you answer these questions with two fingers crossed. We can’t match you..

Food & Drinks

Are you a true kitchen prince(s) and dine in Michelin-starred restaurants, or does your heart beat fastest on ten euro fries and a snack from your local snack bar?


Cabinet, parliament, ministers and secretaries of state … How is your political knowledge? Find out soon and check out this selection of politics quiz questions!


From here to Tokyo and everything in between. Continents, provinces, capitals, rivers, mountains… So many geographical topics. How well do you know this globe?


Ha ha ha ha ha! Hi-la-rous. Or what?! Ok ok, not everyone laughs at the same things, but there is bound to be something for you that will make you breathe a little harder through your nose.


Strong brands are recognized by their logo. Especially if you are a bit visually inclined. Does that apply to you? Find out in our logo quiz!


Quadrupeds, ungulates, fish, the Big 5…. Are you a proper animal lover? Check out our animal trivia quiz questions now to find out!


Our selection of quiz questions for children. Test your kids (or yourself). Or use them for that fun kids’ quiz you’re creating.


Quiz questions specifically for the elderly. Includes questions about the 60s, 70s and 80s. Test yourself or use them for a fun senior quiz.

Type of Quiz Questions


True or false questions

View a selection of statements here with the question: is this true or false? So if you don’t know, you still have a 50% chance. Nice.

Estimation questions

Questions whose exact answers you probably don’t have at the ready. But are you getting close, or are you finitely wrong?

Multiple choice questions

Questions where you have to choose from four answers. All the answers make a little sense. Yet only one is correct. Will you single it out?

Difficult questions

Tough quiz questions, we have to say! Almost too hard… We reckon you can be happy if you get a few right. Do you dare?

Easy questions

Simple questions. Good for your self-confidence. Surely you should have at least half of them right, we think. Can you manage that?


A or B, X or Y, Peppi or Kokki? With these questions, you have to choose between two options. Only 1 of them is correct. Can you figure it out?

Other questions


For many, Easter is primarily a time of being free and spending time with family. But what are we actually celebrating? Do you know everything about it?


You probably live there or are from there. But how far does your knowledge of the Netherlands really stretch? Check out these questions and find out.


Are you a true soccer fan? Then this will be a home game for you. Don’t like soccer? Then feel free to skip these questions!

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