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Animal Trivia Quiz questions (2024 update)

Below you will find a selection of animal trivia quiz questions. Some difficult. But also definitely some easy and funny ones. Test your knowledge, or use them for a quiz. Use them however you want ;-).

This page was last updated on: January 10, 2024

Animals quiz questions

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Question: At over 100 mph, what is the fastest land animal on Earth?

Answer: The cheetah

Question: From which animal do we know the breeds The Maine Coon, The Blue Russian and The Sacred Birman?

Answer: The cat

Question: What is the largest animal found on Earth that can reach lengths of 33 meters?

Answer: The blue whale

Question: In which Dutch city can you find Burgers' Zoo?

Answer: Arnhem

Question: Which animals are the largest surviving primates?

Answer: Gorillas

Question: What is the name of a female horse?

Answer: A mare

Question: What is the only flying mammal species in the world?

Answer: The bat

Question: Which fast-running birds are the largest birds in the world and cannot fly?

Answer: Ostriches

Question: Which marsupial eats leaves of the eucalyptus tree almost exclusively?

Answer: Koala

Question: What animals are kept as farm animals in the high Andes and are also called mountain llamas?

Answer: Alpacas

Question: How many stomachs does a cow have?

Answer: Four stomachs

Question: What animal has a thick, fluffy tail and is known for building dams and canals?

Answer: The beaver

Question: How long is the gestation period of a Giraffe? A. 10 months B. 11 months, C. 14 months D. 15 months

Answer: D. 15 months

Question: Which snake is the largest venomous snake in Africa?

Answer: The black mamba

Question: Which animals eat almost only bamboo, between 12 and 40 kg per day?

Answer: Pandas

Question: Which animal has the strongest biting ability in the world?

Answer: The crocodile

Question: How many lives does a cat have proverbially?

Answer: Nine

Question: The chicken is the most common bird in the world, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: How many arms does an octopus have?

Answer: 8 arms

Question: What do you call a group of cats?

Answer: A clowder

Question: What is the largest species of butterfly in the world?

Answer: The Atlas butterfly

Question: What kind of animal is a raccoon?

Answer: A raccoon

Question: Which bird has the largest wing span of any (living) bird?

Answer: The albatross

Question: What do butterflies taste with?

Answer: With (the hairs on) their front paws

Question: Which bear is often considered the symbol of Russia?

Answer: The brown bear

Question: Ants have no ears, true or false?

Answer: True (they use the vibrations in the ground to “hear”)

Question: What is the smallest breed of horse native to Argentina?

Answer: Falabella

Question: Which cloven-hoofed animal is sacred in India?

Answer: The Cow

Question: An Asian elephant has smaller ears than an African elephant, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: There are nearly 200 species of chameleons on Earth, a third of which live on an island. Which island?

Answer: Madagascar

Question: What kind of animal was Bokito, who gained worldwide fame in 2007 after he escaped from his enclosure at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam and attacked a visitor?

Answer: A silverback gorilla

Question: Which continent has the largest population of elephants?

Answer: Africa

Question: What is a female walrus called?

Answer: A cow

Question: In South Africa, after the malaria mosquito and the Nile crocodile, which large land mammal is the animal that claims the most human victims?

Answer: The hippopotamus

Question: On what day do we celebrate Animal Day in The Netherlands?

Answer: Oct. 4

Question: Laika was the first animal in space, what kind of animal was Laika? A. Dog, B. Cat. C. Monkey. D. Mouse

Answer: A. Dog

Question: In which animals is the male responsible for pregnancy?

Answer: Seahorses

Question: Are there more chickens or pigs in the Netherlands?

Answer: Chickens

Question: Which bear is also called "honey bear"?

Answer: The Malayan bear

Question: What do you call a young seal lying on the beach or mudflats that has lost its mother?

Answer: A howler

Question: How many legs does the North Sea shrimp have in total?

Answer: 20 legs

Question: What is the largest lizard in the world?

Answer: The Komodo dragon

Question: Which animal has the highest blood pressure of all animals?

Answer: The Giraffe

Question: What do you call cutting out part of the guts and gills of caught herring, with the purpose of making the fish last longer and make it taste less bitter?

Answer: Gutting and gilling the herring

Question: What animal is on a pack of Camel cigarettes?

Answer: A dromedary

Question: What do we call the cocoon in which a caterpillar turns into a butterfly?

Answer: Pop

Question: Which fish has an electrical organ that it uses to find and capture prey?

Answer: The electric eel

Question: What color is the polar bear's skin?

Answer: Black

Question: Which animal also called killer whale is the largest representative of the dolphin family?

Answer: Orca

Question: From which animal do we know the breeds Criollo, Tinker and Lipizzaner?

Answer: Horse

Question: What do you also call a group of parrots?

Answer: A flock

Question: What color is the flesh of a tuna?

Answer: Pink

Question: The skeleton of a stingray has no bones, true or false?

Answer: True (it consists of “cartilage”)

Question: Of which breed of cat, originating in Canada, are the young born almost hairless?

Answer: Sphynx

Question: Which animal has the largest brain of all land animals?

Answer: The elephant

Question: Which bird species is known for its annual migration of thousands of kilometers, often in a V formation?

Answer: Wild goose (geese)

Question: How many hearts does an octopus have? A. 1 B. 2 C.3 D.4

Answer: C. 3

Question: What is a male dog also called?

Answer: A sire

Question: A quokka is a wallaby, a small species of kangaroo found only in Australia, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: What do you call a group of owls?

Answer: A parliament

Question: What are male cats called that are not neutered?

Answer: A tomcat

Question: Is the Kookaburra a bird or fish?

Answer: A bird

Question: What do you call the period when the dog's coat goes from "winter" to "summer performance"?

Answer: The Moulting Period

Question: An adult shark has as many as 300 teeth in its mouth, in how many rows are those teeth?

Answer: Six rows

Question: A centipede is an insect, true or false?

Answer: Not true (it is an arthropod)

Question: Which animal that eats insects and termites has an elongated front snout with a thin tongue longer than the head length?

Answer: An Anteater

Question: Which animal found in eastern Australia and Tasmania is the only mammal with a beak?

Answer: Platypus

Question: What is a one-year-old calf or 'hokkeling' called?

Answer: A yearling

Question: From which animal do we know the breeds Shiba, Wetterhoun and Toy Fox Terrier?

Answer: Dogs

Question: An animal was named after Hugh Hefner, founder of the erotic magazine Playboy, in 1984. What kind of animal what this?

Answer: A rabbit

Question: What is the name of Europe's largest wildlife safari park, which you will find in Hilvarenbeek?

Answer: Safari Park Beekse Bergen

Question: What animal is commonly depicted around the staff of Asklepios, the Greek god of medicine?

Answer: The snake

Question: How many stomachs does an ant have?

Answer: 2 stomachs

Question: What is a one-humped camelid called?

Answer: A dromedary

Question: Which rhinoceros is also called point-lipped rhino, the white rhino or the black rhino?

Answer: The black rhinoceros

Question: What do you call a male rabbit?

Answer: A buck

Bonus difficult questions cool

Question: The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards, true or false?

A: Not true, the tropic bird, for example, can do this as well.

Question: in the 2023 National Garden Bird Count, which bird was seen the most by bird counters?

Answer: The House Sparrow

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