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Trivia Quiz Estimation Questions (2024 update)

Here you will find a selection of estimation questions. To test your own estimation skills. Or for that (Pub) Quiz you’re going to make. Use them however you want :-).

This page was last updated on: January 10, 2024

Estimation questions

How good are you at estimating with these questions? Click on the question to see the answer.

Q: What percentage of water does a cucumber consist of, according to the Nutrition Center?

Question: How many municipalities did the Netherlands have as of Jan. 1, 2023?

Question: What is the approximate number of muscles in the average human body?

Answer: About 640 muscles (source: Wikipedia)

Question: How many episodes of the NBC sitcom Friends were made?

Answer: 236 episodes(source: Wikipedia)

Question: Beatrice Chebet ran the world record at 5 kilometers on December 31, 2023. What was her time?

Answer: 14.13 minutes (source: The Telegraph)

Question: Bartender Ludwig from Meerhout, Belgium, broke the world barkeeping record in May 2023. How long was he behind the counter to bring in this record?

Answer: 120 hours long (Source: VRT)

Question: How many kilometers long is the coastline of Australia?

Answer: 25,760 kilometers (source: Wikipedia)

Question: Elon Musk had the largest drop in private wealth ever in 2022, according to the Guinness book of World Records. How many dollars were involved?

Answer: 165 billion(source: RTL News)

Question: How many hours of sunshine were there in the Netherlands in 2022?

Answer: 2233 hours(source: KNMI)

Question: In June 2023, a 16-year-old gamer broke the world speed-typing record. How many words per minute did he type?

Answer: 300 words per minute (source: 4Gamers)

Question: How many U.S. presidents have there been before Joe Biden?

Answer: 45 presidents(source: Wikipedia)

Question: Femke Bol improved a 41-year-old world record in the 400 meters indoor in February 2023. Her time was 49.26 seconds. What was the previous record?

Answer: 49.59 seconds(source: AD)

Question: How many Chinese-Indian restaurants are there in the Netherlands?

Answer: Approx. 1,600(source: NOS)

Question: The number of ATM robberies reached a new record in Germany in 2022, how many robberies took place?

Question: How many kilometers long is the Great Wall of China?

Answer: 21,196 km (source: Wikipedia)

Question: 35-year-old Norwegian Ken Stornes made a record jump off a cliff in late 2023. From what height (in meters) did he jump?

Answer: 40.5 meters (source: HLN)

Question: On how many poles has the Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam stood since 1945?

Answer: 13,681 poles(source: Amsterdam.nl)

Question: Scientists in early 2023 broke the world record for the deepest fish ever caught and the deepest fish ever filmed on camera. At what depths did this take place?

Answer: At a depth of 8,336 meters(source: Globalnews.ca)

Question: How many times are The Beatles in the 2022 NPO Radio 2 Top 2000?

Answer: 31 times(source: NPO Radio 2)

Question: Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo broke the record for most international games ever played in March 2023. What was the previous record on?

Answer: 196 international games (source: Sports News)

Question: In April 2023, an Australian man of 33 broke the world record of pushups in 1 hour. How many pushups did he do?

Answer: 3,206 push-ups (source: News Sheet)

Question: A Ukrainian sniper broke the world record for longest sniper kill in November 2023. What was the distance in km?

Answer: 3.8 km (source: Telegraph)

Question: Tennis player Novak Djokovic broke Steffi Graf's record for the number of weeks atop the WTA rankings in February 2023. What was the old record?

Answer: 377 weeks(source: Eurosport)

Question: how many bones does the skeleton of an adult human being consist of?

Answer: 206 bones(source: Wikipedia)

Question: In June 2023, Faith Kipyegon broke the world record in the 5,000 meters at the Diamond League in Paris. How many minutes did she need to cross the finish line?

Answer: 14.05.20 (Source: NOS)

Question: Approximately how many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh create?

Answer: About 900 paintings(source: Van Gogh Brabant)

Question: How many seats does the Spotify Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's stadium, have?

Answer: 99,354 seats(source: Wikipedia)

Question: Wim de Gier from Wijk bij Duurstede set a record for most parachute jumps in one day in June 2023. How many jumps did he make?

Answer: 61 parachute jumps (Source: AD)

Question: The Efteling received the highest number of visitors in the history of the theme park in 2022. How many were these?

Answer: 5.43 million visitors(source: Pretwerk)

Question: How many inhabitants did China have in 2020?

Answer: 1,394,015,977(source: Wikipedia)

Question: How many floors does the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, have?

Answer: 163 floors(source: Wikipedia)

Question: What is the surface area of the Netherlands in km2?

Answer: 41,543 km² (source: Wikipedia)

Question: In June 2023, 21-year-old Max Park of California broke the record for solving a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube. How long did he need?

Answer: 3.13 seconds (source: RTL News)

Question: Frenchman Simon Billy broke the world record of skiing as fast as possible in March 2023. At what speed did he ski in km/h?

Answer: 255.5 kilometers per hour (source: RTL News)

Question: How many internationally recognized independent states will there be in 2022?

Answer: 196(source: Wikipedia)

Question: how many paintings on panel and canvas does the Rijksmuseum manage in total?

Answer: Approx. 6,000(source: Rijksmuseum)

Question: how many elements will the periodic table consist of in 2022?

Answer: 118 elements(source: NPO Knowledge)

Question: What was the turnout rate in the 2021 House of Representatives elections in the Netherlands?

Answer: 78.71%(source: Wikipedia)

Question: At how many light years is the nearest star outside our solar system, Proxima Centauri?

Answer: 4.2 light years(source: ESA)

Question: How many were killed in the 9/11 attacks, not including the 19 hijackers and 24 missing?

Answer: 2,977(source: Wikipedia)

Question: How many matches does a standard box of matches (the best-selling and best-known: Zwaluw lang krimp)?

Answer: 60 matches(source: AH)

Question: What was the amount of household waste in kg per inhabitant in the municipality of Amsterdam in 2021?

Answer: 374.6 kg(source: CBS)

Question: How many tiles does the game Rummikub consist of?

Answer: 106 tiles(source: Wikipedia)

Question: At the Suzuka Circuit in Japan in early 2023, the Guinness Book of World Records record was broken for the largest supercar parade. How many supercars participated?

Answer: 251 supercars(source: Autoblog)

Question: How many cases of suicide were recorded in 2021?

Answer: 1,861(source: CBS)

Question: How many field soccer clubs were there in the Netherlands in 2020?

Answer: 2,485(source: CBS)

Question: According to the Dutch CBS, how many homeless people between the ages of 18 and 65 will the Netherlands have in 2021?

Answer: Approx. 32,000(source: CBS)

Question: approximately how many kilometers of bicycle paths does the Netherlands have?

Answer: 38 thousand kilometers(source: CBS)

Question: How many Popes recognized by the Catholic Church have there been?

Answer: 266(source: Wikipedia)

Question: On Jan. 1, 2023, how many cabinets have taken office in the Netherlands since 1945?

Answer: 31 cabinets(source: Wikipedia)

Question: In the Australian city of Sydney, Blake Johnston broke the record for surfing continously the longest, in March 2023. What was the previous record on?

Answer: About 30 hours(source: RTL News)

Question: How many books does Protestant Christianity recognize as belonging to the Bible?

Answer: 66 books(source: Wikipedia)

Question: In what year was the Efteling opened?

Answer: 1951 (nature park the Efteling, source: Wikipedia)

Question: How many episodes of the TV series The A-team made?

Answer: 98 episodes(source: Wikipedia)

Question: How many constitutional rights (grondrechten) do we have in the Netherlands?

Answer: 23 constitutional rights(source: denederlandsegrondwet.nl)

Question: American Jeff Reitz has made the Guinness Book of Records for most consecutive days visiting Disneyland's fairy tale world. How many days in a row did he go?

Answer: 2,995 days(source: HLN)

Question: How many archaeological finds on display in the two permanent display cases at Amsterdam's Rokin metro station?

Answer: Approx. 9,500(source: Belowthesurface)

Bonus estimation questions cool

Question: If you add up the theatrical version of The Lord of The Rings parts 1, 2 and 3, how many minutes does that add up to?

Answer: About 558 minutes (source: IMDB)

Question: How many times has the official Elfstedentocht been run?

Answer: 15 times (source: Wikipedia)

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