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Fun family quiz questions (2024 update)

Are you planning a (Pub) Quiz with family? Good idea! With a family quiz, you provide a fun activity in a relaxed atmosphere. Below is a selection of cool and funny quiz questions for family that may start you off.

This page was last updated on: January 11, 2024

What are fun quiz questions for family?

If you are creating a (Pub) Quiz for your family, it can be fun to incorporate some questions specifically about your family in addition to general quiz questions.

Examples of these types of questions are:

  • Which family member has the most hidden talents?
  • Who in the family is the most competitive in games?
  • Who is the best joke teller in the family?
  • Who has the funniest nickname?
  • Who is best at keeping their new year’s resolutions?

For example, you can incorporate these questions into a “family round” in between other quiz rounds in your quiz. The questions in this round do not have 1 correct answer, as in the other rounds, but are more funny questions that lead to a fun conversation about, and with, your family.

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True/false or multiple choice questions about family

What you can also consider, is making quiz questions about facts related to your family or relatives. For example, true or false questions, or multiple-choice questions.

Examples of these types of questions are:

  • Who is our family attended ballet as a kid?
  • Uncle John rode a Harley Davidson as a twenty-something, true or false?
  • Which family member shook hands with a real king?

If possible, use some surprising facts in the questions about family members that not everyone already knows.

More funny questions for a family Quiz

Here are more examples of funny quiz questions for family.

  • Who in the family is the most creative?
  • Who loves to gossip the most?
  • Which family member is most attached to his or her phone and really can’t live without it?
  • Who in the family is the most philosophical?
  • Which family member has the most peculiar traits or habits?
  • Who in the family puts together an IKEA cabinet the fastest?
  • Who has the most luck?
  • Which family member is best at telling stories?
  • Who is the biggest worrier?
  • Who is the most athletic?
  • Who in the family has the shortest fuse?
  • Which family member has the most interesting hobby?
  • Who is the most adventurous?
  • Who is a born leader?
  • Who in the family is the most organized?
  • Who is the most/least technologically savvy?
  • Which family member has visited the most exotic travel destination?
  • Who has the most colorful wardrobe?
  • Who in the family is the biggest movie connoisseur?
  • Who is the most environmentally conscious?
  • Who in the family has the most extensive knowledge of pop culture?
  • Which family member has the most unique skill that no one else in the family has?
  • Which family member has met the most celebrities?
  • Who in the family knows the most useless facts?
  • Who has the best cooking skills?
  • Who in the family is the most musical?
  • Who is mentally the strongest?
  • Who in the family is the most spiritual one?
  • Which family member has the most original way to relax after a busy day?
  • Who has the broadest music taste?
  • Which family member has the most adventurous appetite and dares to taste everything?
  • Who has the most impressive book collection?
  • Who in the family is most attached to their pet?
  • Which family member has the most outspoken political opinions?

Tip: If you do want to create a competitive round with these types of questions, you could, for example, agree that all family members who gave the most chosen answer to a question, will earn a point.

Personal quiz questions for your family

You can also do a quiz round with more personal questions that are designed to get your family talking. Examples of such questions are:

  • What is the most fun family moment you can remember?
  • Which family vacation do you have the warmest memories of?
  • Which family tradition do you love the most and why?
  • What memorable family dinner can you remember?
  • What is your mot beloved memory of a family occasion?
  • What holiday you celebrated with family stands out to you the most?
  • What birthday of a family member do you still think about regularly?
  • Which game is your favorite to play with family?
  • In which family photo do you look best?
  • What family celebration would you like to relive?

By now you hopefully have gained enough inspiration to come up with your own fun quiz questions for family!

More help and Ready-made quizzes

Could use some extra help setting up the (Pub) Quiz for your family? Then also check out our articles Making a Pub Quiz and Organizing a Pub Quiz.

PS: you can buy a ready-made PubQuiz from us, to which you can then add your own family round of questions in the PowerPoint. Kind of easy :-).

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