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Funny Trivia Quiz Questions (2024 update)

A selection of funny (Pub) Quiz questions. Tastes differ, of course, but with any luck you will be able to laugh at some of these questions. Use them to test your own knowledge. Or for that funny (Pub) Quiz you’re making.

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This page was last updated on: January 10, 2024

Funny questions

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Question: What do you call a female elephant?

Answer: A cow

Question: Which Sonne was named the Faamnaam in 2021, the funniest, funniest and most original name in the Netherlands?

Answer: Sonne Straal

Question: Which Dutch comedian do we know from the statement "I didn't marry, my in-laws couldn't have children"?

Answer: Herman Finkers

Question: According to Guinness World Records, who set a record by losing about $182 billion from 2021 to 2022?

Answer: Elon Musk

Question: An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: When you sneeze, with how many km/h does such a sneeze leave your body? A. 40, B. 90, C. 150, D. 200

Answer: C. 150 km/h (source: NOS)

Question: What is the only planet in our solar system not named after a Roman god?

Answer: Earth

Question: Bobi' broke the Guinness World Record for oldest animal of its kind in February 2023 at 30 years old. What kind of animal is Bobi?

Answer: A dog

Question: What is the name of the bird of Twitter logo?

Answer: Larry (after NBA legend Larry Bird)

Question: What is the only fruit with seeds on the outside?

Answer: The Strawberry

Question: In which month does most of the German Oktoberfest take place?

Answer: September

Question: English Darter Owen Bates debuted at the World Darts Championship in December 2023, but had to change his nickname from the Darts Federation PDC ahead of the tournament. What is his nickname?

Answer: Master bater

Question: What do you fear when you have Phobophobia?

Answer: Fhobias

Question: What color is the skin of an adult polar bear?

Answer: Black

Question: What is the statue of Paul McCarthy standing on Eendrachtsplein in the Dutch city of Rotterdam popularly called? Gnome... (Kabouter...)

Answer: Gnome Buttplug (Kabouter Buttplug)

Question: Which Dutch band made the song 'Poep In Je Hoofd'?

Answer: The Raggende Manne

Question: How many minutes does it take for solar rays to travel from the sun to the earth?

Answer: About 8 minutes (and 19 seconds)

Question: Which former boxer had a cameo (small role) in the movie The Hangover?

Answer: Mike Tyson

Question: What was the shortest war in history ever in 1896 at 38 minutes?

Answer: the Anglo-Zanzibaran War

Question: To whom is attributed the statement "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room."?

Answer: The Dalai Lama

Question: Which Roman emperor wanted to make his horse consul?

Answer: Caligula

Question: What does the Twente saying "I'm packing the eel" mean?

Answer: I’m leaving

Question: Which animal can shed its own arm when threatened, and later regrow it?

Answer: An octopus

Question: What is a group of crows also called?

Answer: A murder of crows

Question: What percentage of our DNA is similar to that of a human ape?

Answer: About 98%

Question: The eye does not grow after birth. True or false?

Answer: Not true

Question: What does a South African mean when he talks about an "amperbroekkie"?

Answer: A g-string

Question: The music of this 1975 film, composed by John Williams, consists of only two notes (E and F), but is considered one of the most terrifying film scores of all time. In which movie is it featured?

Answer: Jaws

Question: Cats have more bones than humans, true or false?

Answer: True (cats have about 244, humans 206)

Question: What is the capital of the African country of Djibouti?

Answer: Djibouti

Question: Which singer was a horsefly named after?

Answer: Beyoncé (beyoncé fly)

Question: Which 2 actors starred in the movie Dumb & Dumber?

Answer: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels

Question: A group of flamingos is also called a flamboyance, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: What is the national animal of Scotland?

Answer: The Unicorn

Question: What do you also call a baby kangaroo?

Answer: A Joey

Question: What kind of points do you save if you don't have sex for months?

Answer: Panda points

Question: What part of his body did Kiss musician Gene Simmons insure for one million dollars?

Answer: His tongue

Question: In which Martin Scorsese film is the word "fuck" used more than 500 times?

Answer: The Wolf of Wall Street

Question: What is hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?

Answer: Fear of long words

Question: What do Frisians mean when they talk about an earrebarre?

Answer: A stork

Question: The character of Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991) is shown for only 16 minutes in the film, yet the actor who played him won an Oscar. Who was the actor?

Answer: Anthony Hopkins

Question: King Willem Alexander is a pilot and occasional guest pilot at KLM, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: Which king in a deck of cards is the only one without a mustache?

Answer: The King of Hearts

Question: Which Johnny played a major role in the MTV series Jackass?

Answer: Johnny Knoxville

Question: From which song is the phrase "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble. So you don't confuse 'em with mountains"

Answer: Whenever, Wherever by Shakira

Question: Which animal has the largest penis on earth?

Answer: The Blue Whale (can be more than 3 meters long)

Question: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: Three

Question: In which 2003 film does Billy Bob Thornton play an alcoholic Santa Claus?

Answer: Bad Santa

Question: Which European country eats the most chocolate per capita?

Answer: Switzerland

Question: What does the word "karaoke" mean in Japanese?

Answer: Empty orchestra or virtual orchestra

Question: Which animal has the longest tongue, which can be as long as 50 cm?

Answer: The Giraffe

Question: Which artist's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

Answer: Lady Gaga

Question: What is Beuningen called during carnival?

Answer: Eikelenburg

Question: What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation point?

Answer: Interrobang

Question: Which fictional Dutch rabbit with its own comic television program was known as a real joke-teller?

Answer: Ab Normaal

Question: What is Nomophobia?

Question: The fear of not being reachable on a cell phone

Question: Which comedian sang the song "Leven na de dood" with Robert Jan Stips?

Answer: Freek de Jonge

Question: With a German word, what do you call the opposite of homesickness?

Answer: Fernweh

Question: The longest street name in the Netherlands is in Duiven and consists of 55 characters, true or false?

Answer: true (Laan van de landinrichtingscommissie Duiven-Westervoort)

Question: What is the full name of the doll Barbie?

Answer: Barbara Millicent Roberts

Question: Honey basically never spoils, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: Which actor played the character Ali G?

Answer: Sacha Baron Cohen

Question: In what year was the last time a prisoner was beheaded by guillotine in France?

Answer: 1977

Bonus funny questions wink

Question: Who do we know of the saying “Before I make a mistake, I don’t make that mistake.”

Answer: Johan Cruijff

Question: Which animal found in eastern Australia sleeps up to 20 hours a day?

Answer: the koala

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