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Trivia Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (2024 update)

A selection of multiple-choice Quiz questions. To test your own knowledge. Or for that (Pub) Quiz you are going to make. Use them however you want ;-).

This page was last updated on: January 10, 2024

Multiple-choice quiz questions

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Question: Which band is featured most often in the 2023 NPO Radio 2 Top 2000? A. The Beatles B. Coldplay C. Queen D. ABBA

Answer: C. Queen (36 times)

Question: In what year was slavery abolished in the Netherlands? A. 1789 B. 1806 C. 1848 D. 1863

Answer: D. 1863

Question: In which city is the headquarters of the European Parliament located? A. Paris, B. Brussels, C. Amsterdam, D. London

Answer: B. Brussels

Question: Which film won a Golden Globe for best drama film in 2023? A. The Fablemans B. Elvis C. Tár D. Top Gun: Maverick

Answer: A. The Fablemans

Question: Who made the sculpture "The Thinker"? A. Auguste Rodin, B. Michelangelo, C. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, D. Donatello

Answer: A. Auguste Rodin

Question: Which element is the most common in the universe? A. Hydrogen, B. Oxygen, C. Nitrogen, D. Carbon

Answer: A. Hydrogen

Question: What is the closest star to Earth (after the sun)? A. Sirius, B. Proxima Centauri, C. Alpha Centauri, D. Betelgeuze

Answer: B. Proxima Centauri

Question: Which element has the symbol "Fe" in the periodic table? A. Silver, B. Iron, C. Gold, D. Copper

Answer: B. Iron

Question: Who made the painting The Jewish Bride (Het Joodse Bruidje)? A. Rembrandt, B. Vermeer, C. Van Gogh. D. Rubens

Answer: A. Rembrandt

Question: Who won a Golden Globe for best actress in a drama film in 2023? A. Emma Stone B. Cate Blanchett C. Kate Winslet D. Emma Watson

Answer: B. Cate Blanchett

Question: How many states does the United States consist of? A. 40 B. 48 C. 50 D. 52

Answer: C. 50

Question: In what year was the first iPhone released? A. 2005, B. 2006, C. 2007, D. 2008

Answer: C. 2007

Question: Who wrote the book "The Dinner" (Het Diner)? A. Herman Koch, B. Arnon Grunberg, C. Tommy Wieringa, D. Ronald Giphart

Answer: A. Herman Koch

Question: In what city was the story of Romeo and Juliet reportedly set? A. Venice B. Rome C. Bologna D. Verona

Answer: D. Verona

Question: Which politician succeeded Boris Johnson as party leader and prime minister on Sept. 6, 2022? A. Sadiq Khan B. Liz Truss C. Rishi Sunak D. Jo Cox

Answer: B. Liz Truss

Question: Which cyclist was nicknamed Il Pirata? A. Marco Pantani B. Eddy Merckx C. Bram Tankink D. Gerrie Kneteman

Answer: A. Marco Pantani

Question: What color is the star Betelgeuze? A. Red, B. Yellow C. Green, D. Blue

Answer: A. Red

Question: Who wrote the book Oorlogswinter? A. Harry Mulisch B. Jan Terlouw C. Hermans D. Reve

Answer: B. Jan Terlouw

Question: What is not a primary color? A. Red B. Green, C. Yellow, D. Blue

Answer: B. Green

Question: Which European city is known for its famous statue "The Little Mermaid"? A. Stockholm B. Copenhagen C. Oslo D. Helsinki

Answer: B. Copenhagen

Question: Which planet in our solar system has the most moons? A. Mars, B. Saturn C. Uranus, D. Jupiter

Answer: D. Jupiter

Question: In what year did World War II end in Europe? A. 1944 B. 1945 C. 1947 D. 1950

Answer: B. 1945

Question: Who painted the famous work "The Last Supper"? A. Raphael B. Michelangelo C. Leonardo da Vinci D. Botticelli

Answer: C. Leonardo da Vinci

Question: Which artist created the famous painting the birth of Venus? A. Botticelli B. Modigliani C. Caravaggio D.Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: A. Botticelli

Question: Which symbol do we use to indicate lead in the periodic table? A. L B. Ld. C. Pb D. Pl

Answer: C. Pb (from Plumbum)

Question: Which actor plays Detective Benoit Blanc in the movie Knives Out? A. Edward Norton B. Bryan Cranston C. Brad Pitt D. Daniel Craig

Answer: D. Daniel Craig

Question: Which Greek philosopher is known for his thoughts on ethics and virtues? A. Socrates B. Plato C. Aristotle D. Pythagoras

Answer: C. Aristotle

Question: What waterfalls can you find on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe? A. Niagara Falls B. Victoria Falls C. Plitvice Falls D. Detian Falls

Answer: B. The Victoria Falls

Question: What is the oldest surviving university in the world? A. University of Karueein, B. University of Oxford C. Cambridge University D. Bologna University

Answer: A. University of Karueein

Question: Which country won the World Cup Football (men) most often? A. Brazil B. Argentina C. Germany D Italy

Answer: A. Brazil

Question: Who was Queen Wilhelmina's father? A. King William 3, B. King William 2 C. King William 1, King William of Orange

Answer: A. King William 3

Question: What is the scientific name for the rhinoceros? A. Hippopotamus amphibius , B. Rhinocerotidae, C. Elephantidae, D. Bubalus arnee bubalis

Answer: B. Rhinocerotidae

Question: Who is known for his "readymades", such as a urinal he called "Fountain"? A. Jackson Pollock, B. Marcel Duchamp, C. Pablo Picasso, D. Mark Rothko

Answer: B. Marcel Duchamp

Question: Who was the first emperor of Rome? A. Julius Caesar B. Augustus C. Nero D. Constantine

Answer: B. Augustus

Question: Which composer wrote the opera "The Barber of Seville"? A. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart B. Ludwig van Beethoven C. Giuseppe Verdi D. Gioachino Rossini

Answer: A. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Question: What drink is often made with tequila, lime juice and a sweetener such as agave nectar or sugar? A. Margarita B. Martini C. Manhattan D. Moscow Mule

Answer: A. Margarita

Question: Which group scored a hit with the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? A. Nirvana B. Pearl Jam C. Red Hot Chili Peppers D. Soundgarden

Answer: A. Nirvana

Question: Which artist was married to Frida Kahlo? A. Pablo Picasso B. Claude Monet C. Diego Rivera D. Vincent van Gogh

Answer: C. Diego Riviera

Question: How many rings are there on the Olympic flag? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D.7

Answer: B. 5

Question: Which director made the movie Taxi Driver? A. Steven Spielberg, B. Francis Ford Coppola, C. Martin Scorsese, D. Alfred Hitchcock

Answer: C. Martin Scorsese

Question: What animal is seen as a symbol of wisdom? A. Crow, B. Owl, C. Squirrel, D. Ant

Answer: B. Owl

Question: How many members does the United Nations Security Council have? A. 5, B. 10, C. 15, D. 20

Answer: C. 15 members

Question: Which famous Greek philosopher was Alexander the Great's teacher? A. Plato B. Socrates C. Aristotle D. Pythagoras

Answer: C. Aristotle

Question: Which country does Limoncello come from? A. Spain, B. Italy, C. Greece, D. Lithuania

Answer: B. Italy

Question: For which political party was Maarten van Rossem in 2012 pushing for votes (lijstduwer)? A. VVD B. Groenlinks C. D66 D. PvdA

Answer: D. Labour Party

Question: In what century did Emperor Nero live? A. 2nd century BC, B. 1st century BC C. 1st century D. 2nd century

Answer: C. 1st century

Question: In what city won't you find a Picasso museum? A. Paris B. Amsterdam C. Barcelona D. Malaga

Answer: B. Amsterdam

Question: Which singer scored hits in Holland with "All Night Long" and "Hello"? A. Lionel Richie, B. Bruce Springsteen C. Michael Jackson D. James Brown

Answer: A. Lionel Richie

Question: How many players does a rugby team consist of? A. 10 players B. 12 players C. 15 players D. 16 players

Answer: C. 15 players

Question: in which province is the Keukenhof located? A. South Holland, B. North Brabant, C. Gelderland, D. Utrecht

Answer: A. South Holland

Question: What tool is commonly used to work wood by shaving off pieces? A. Drill B. Chisel C. Hammer D. Screwdriver

Answer: B. Chisel

Question: Who painted the painting Starry Night? A. Pablo Picasso, B. Vincent van Gogh, C. Salvador Dalí, D. Claude Monet

Answer: B. Vincent van Gogh

Question: In what year did Belgium become an independent country? A. 1800 B. 1825 C. 1830 D. 1856

Answer: c. 1830

Question: What is the highest mountain in South America? A. Chimborazo, B. Huascarán, C. Cerro Torre, D. Aconcagua

Answer: D. Aconcagua

Question: Who wrote the book "Dracula"? A. H.G. Wells B. Bram Stoker C. Mary Shelley D. Edgar Allan Poe

Answer: B. Bram Stoker

Question: What is the largest ocean in the world? A. The Pacific Ocean, B. Atlantic Ocean, C. Indian Ocean, D.Arctic Ocean

Answer: A. The Pacific Ocean

Question: Who wrote the book "Turkish Fruit" (Turks Fruit)? A. Harry Mulisch, B. Gerard Reve, C. Jan Wolkers, D. Simon Vestdijk

Answer: C. Jan Wolkers

Question: Which physicist developed the theory of relativity? A. Einstein B. Newton C. Boyle D. Heisenberg

Answer: A. Einstein

Question: Which sport is played in the Super Bowl? A. Basketball, B. American football, C. Soccer, D. Hockey

Answer: B. American football

Question: Which country has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites? A. China, B. Spain, C. United States, D. Italy

Answer: D. Italy

Question: Which country is the largest producer of coffee in the world? A. Indonesia B. Brazil C. Colombia D. Vietnam

Answer: B. Brazil

Bonus multiple-choice questions cool

Question: What city is the Friends series set in? A. New Jersey B. Chicago C. San Francisco D. New York

Answer: D. New York

Who created the opera Aida? A. Mozart B. Bach C. Rossini D. Verdi

D. Verdi

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