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Politics Trivia Quiz Questions (2024 update)

Below you’ll find a selection of Quiz questions about political topics. Use them to test your own knowledge. Or for that Quiz you’re making. In fact, use them however you want :-).

This page was last updated on: January 10, 2024

Questions about politics

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Question: How many seats does the House of Representatives have in The Netherlands?

Answer: 150 seats

Question: What day does Budget Day (Prinsjesdag) fall on each year in The Netherlands?

Answer: The third Tuesday of September

Question: On which mode of transportation must you also wear a helmet since Jan. 1, 2023 in The Netherlands?

Answer: Moped

Question: What independent and impartial body handles complaints about almost all government agencies?

Answer: The National Ombudsman

Question: What do we call the First and Second Chambers together?

Answer: The States General of the Netherlands

Question: On Jan. 8, 2024, who left as outgoing finance minister and started as coordinator at the United Nations?

Answer: Sigrid Kaag

Question: Who led the VVD in the 2023 elections to the House of Representatives?

Answer: Dilan Yesilgöz

Question: In what year was apartheid formally abolished in South Africa?

Answer: 1994

Question: What important survey report came out in February 2023?

Answer: The report of the parliamentary committee of inquiry on gas extraction Groningen

Question: For how long is a mayor appointed in The Netherlands?

Answer: Six years

Question: Which center-right Dutch political party whose aim is to work for rural livability and the agricultural sector has as its acronym BBB?

Answer: BoerBurgerBeweging

Question: What increased by about 10 percent on Jan. 1, 2023, to 1934.40 euros gross per month?

Answer: The minimum wage

Question: How many member states did the European Union consist of in 2022?

Answer: 27 member states

Question: Which party became the largest party in 13 of the 21 water boards after the 2023 water board elections?

Answer: The BoerBurger Movement (BBB)

Question: With an English word, what is the first speech of a member of parliament in a plenary meeting called?

Answer: Maiden speech

Question: What is the name of the international protest movement targeting economic and social inequality that began in the United States in 2011?

Answer: The Occupy Movement

Question: How many cabinets did Jan Peter Balkenende lead in The Netherlands?

Answer: Four

Question: Which Member of the European Parliament became known as the "Brexit coordinator" during the negotiations for the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union?

Answer: Guy Verhofstadt

Question: Which Dutch faction was suspended in late 2023 for not reporting ancillary positions?

Answer: The FVD Parliamentary Group

Question: How many members does the United Nations Security Council have?

Answer: 15 members

Question: Who was the first female mayor of Amsterdam?

Answer: Femke Halsema

Question: Who has been State Secretary for Culture and Media in the Rutte IV cabinet since Jan. 10, 2022?

Answer: Gunay Uslu

Question: In what year did the storming of the U.S. Capitol take place?

Answer: 2021

Question: Angela Merkel was Germany's first female chancellor, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: Who was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives on April 7, 2021?

Answer: Vera Bergkamp

Question: How long is the term of a Member of the European Parliament?

Answer: 5 years

Question: Since what year has the Netherlands been a kingdom?

Answer: 1815

Question: Which president of the United States signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question: Who started as a mayor of Leeuwarden on Aug. 26, 2019?

Answer: Sybrand van Haersma Buma

Question: What is the full name of the political party VVD?

Answer: Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie

Question: In what year did the consultative referendum on the Ukraine treaty take place?

Answer: 2016

Question: Who is officially the president of the Council of State in The Netherlands?

Answer: The King

Question: What does NSC stand for, Pieter Omtzigt's political party?

Answer: Nieuw Sociaal Contract (New Social Contract)

Question: What referendum took place in the United Kingdom on June 23, 2016?

Answer: The referendum on EU membership (Brexit referendum)

Question: In 2022, who was the longest-serving prime minister in Dutch history?

Answer: Mark Rutte

Question: Who was finance minister of Cabinet-Rutte III (2017-2022)?

Answer: W.B. (Wopke) Hoekstra

Question: How many seats did the PVV obtain for the House of Representatives in 2021?

Answer: 17 seats

Question: Who was the first party leader of the political party D66?

Answer: Hans van Mierlo

Question: Which outgoing minister apologized for a photo with a Taliban representative in November 2023?

Answer: Ernst Kuipers

Question: How many members does the Senate have in The Netherlands?

Answer: 75 members

Question: In a consultative referendum, the Dutch electorate voted for a European constitution in 2005, true or false?

Answer: Not true (there were more votes against)

Question: Who succeeded Wouter Bos as PVDA party leader in 2010?

Answer: Job Cohen

Question: Who was the second president of the United States?

Answer: John Adams

Question: Which former prime minister went down on a skateboard in 2006?

Answer: Jan Peter Balkenende

Question: Who was appointed Minister of Justice and Security on Jan. 10, 2022?

Answer: D. Yeşilgöz-Zegerius

Question: Who succeeded Jan Marijnissen as SP party chairman in 2008?

Answer: Agnes Kant

Question: Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: Which European city is home to the European Central Bank?

Answer: Frankfurt am Main

Question: From Dec. 17, 2010 to Oct. 5, 2012, the GroenLinks (GreenLeft) parliamentary group chairman in the House of Representatives in the Netherlands?

Answer: Jolande Sap

Question: Who became mayor of Arnhem on Sept. 1, 2017?

Answer: Ahmed Marcouch

Question: Which former member of parliament and former senator on behalf of the PvdA, died in March 2023 at the age of 72?

Answer: Adri Duivesteijn

Question: In what year did Queen Beatrix, now Princess Beatrix, abdicate?

Answer: 2013

Question: In what month of the year is the U.S. president traditionally inaugurated?

Answer: January

Question: Does Lithuania have a king or president as its head of state?

Answer: President

Question: Japan has an emperor as head of state, true or false?

Answer: True

Question: What is the name of the highest court in the United States?

Answer: The Supreme Court

Question: Who works in 'Het Torentje' in The Hague?

Answer: The prime minister

Bonus political questions laughing

Question: What is the name of the official residence of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands?

Answer: The Catshuis

Question: Which former Dutch politician became a bus driver in the Haarlem region in 2017?

Answer: Fred Teeven

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