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The 5 Best Free Trivia Quiz Websites (2024 update)

We scoured the Internet and found the 5 best free quiz websites for you. Hours of quiz fun guaranteed Bookmark them quickly and start quizzing!

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1. Sporcle, the #1 trivia quiz website


Sporcle “A world of quizzes” is, as far as we are concerned, the number 1 when it comes to (free) online quizzes. You’ll find quizzes on a wide variety of topics. From geography, history, sports, to movies and much – believe us, much – more.

Some quizzes work with multiple choice questions, while others require you to type in the answers. The quizzes have a timer, so you have to be quick!

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Even though Sporcle is an international website, you will also find quizzes on Dutch topics. For example, this one:

In addition to Dutch quizzes, there are numerous quizzes in English and other languages on Sporcle. The great thing about Sporcle is that you can also easily create your own quiz. The complete package, in short, which makes it the #1 quiz website in our opinion.

2. Jetpunk


Jetpunk (with the ambitious slogan “World’s Best Quizzes”) also does a good job. When we last visited the website, in January 2024, 858,248,564 Quizzes had already been played – not bad!

Not surprisingly, you will find a huge number of quizzes on the Jetpunk website, on a variety of topics. Most quizzes are in English, but there are also some Dutch quizzes.

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Examples of Dutch quizzes on Jetpunk:

On Jetpunk, quizzes have a timer, so you can’t think too long (or look up the answers).

If you create a (free) account, you can also rate quizzes. And create your own quiz in a few simple steps. If you want to do this, youwill have to play a few quizzes first by the way, it cannot be done right after signing up.

3. Funtrivia

Fun Trivia is a nice oldschool quiz website with more than 150,000 quizzes on a lot of different topics.

The Web site has been around since 1995 and, from the looks of it, has invested little in updating its prehistoric Web site design. But why would they, if it works?

Fun Trivia quiz website screenshot 1
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On the Fun Trivia homepage, you’ll see a handy overview of new Trivia Quizzes, Featured Trivia Quizzes and the most played quizzes in the past hour – nice if, like us, you get a little stressed out from the sheer amount of options.

As old-fashioned as the website looks, you can have a great time on Fun Trivia. Examples of quizzes on Fun Trivia:

The quizzes on Fun Trivia are free and the questions are in English.

4. Zimbio

Zimbio has a nice selection of short quizzes, mostly about movies, music and TV shows.

Zimbio quizzes are in English and usually consist of 20-30 questions. Between the questions, ads are sometimes shown.

Zimbio quiz website screenshot 1
Zimbio quiz website screenshot 2

Examples of Zimbio quizzes:

The Zimbio website is not, like the previously discussed quiz websites, entirely focused on quizzes. Still, they accumulated a decent amount of quizzes. Think of their quizzes as a tasty snack. If you have some time to take a quick quiz about popular culture, you can turn to Zimbio.

5. PubQuiz Nederland

Yes… We’ve put ourselves in this list, too, of course. Shameless self-promotion indeed, but what did you expect ;-)?

In our questions section, you’ll find hundreds of free quiz questions to test your knowledge. Or, for example, to use for a quiz you are creating yourself. The questions are divided into several categories. See, for example, the:

We regularly add quiz questions, so be sure to come back!

We also have a complete sample pub quiz with eight rounds divided into different themes (including general knowledge, sports, music, true or false). Fun to play by yourself, or with a group of friends or family to see who scores best! In our best quiz apps article, find out what the best quiz apps are right now. Have fun quizzing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quiz website?

Tastes vary, of course, but we consider Sporcle to be the best free quiz website. You’ll find a huge number of quizzes on a wide variety of topics and in multiple languages on it. So if we really have to choose, we will go with Sporcle.

What quiz websites are there?

In this article you read about some well-known quiz websites, including Sporcle, Jetpunk, Zimbio and Pubquiz Nederland. Of course, there are many others. If you can’t get enough, Google “play free online quizzes,” or something similar. We’re sure you’ll find some intereting websites.

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