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A Quiz with Colleagues: the ideal team building activity

So you’re considering a (Pub) Quiz with colleagues? Great idea! Whether you choose the traditional atmosphere of an on-site pub quiz, or the modern touch of an online or hybrid quiz – a (Pub) Quiz with colleagues is the ideal team building activity.

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A Pub Quiz with Colleagues in short:

    • Foster team building in a relaxed setting
    • Organize your own quiz or hire a professional quizmaster
    • On-site , digital or hybrid
    • Personalize the quiz for your organization (optional)
    • Also suitable for large groups

When you’re organizing a quiz with colleagues, you have 2 options: organize the quiz yourself, or hire a quizmaster. Both options are explained below.

Option 1: Organize your own Pub Quiz with colleagues

If you want to do your own quiz with colleagues, and don’t have the time (or motivation) to create your own pub quiz, you can buy a ready-made pub quiz. Very convenient! In our shop, you can download various quizzes, from as little as 14.95 euro for a short quiz.

If you’re hosting the quiz yourself, it might be fun to incorporate a few quiz questions about colleagues into your quiz. For example:

  • Which colleague uses the most corporate language?
  • Who is the life of the party at corporate events?
  • Which colleague has the best nickname?
  • Who has the best taste in music? (and who the worst)
  • Which colleague always has a joke ready?
  • Which colleague knows the most useless facts?
  • Who has the most interesting office ritual?

Tip: If you incorporate these types of questions into your quiz, agree that all colleagues who gave the most chosen answer to a question will earn 1 point (and the others none).

For more tips, check out our articles making a pub quiz and organizing a pub quiz.

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Option 2: Hiring a Pub Quiz with Quizmaster

If you prefer to hire a professional for your quiz, feel free to contact us to discuss options.

We exclusively work with experienced quizmasters nationwide who host quizzes for both small and (very) large groups.

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to a quiz with a dedicated quizmaster. Before we can send you a quote, we need some more information, which we will ask for in an intake.

Questions to answer together include:

  • How many colleagues is the meant quiz for?
  • Do you have a specific quiz theme in mind?
  • Is the quiz on location, a digital quiz or both (hybrid)?
  • Is the primary language during the quiz Dutch, English, German, or a mix?
  • Do you want to give answers with pen and paper, via an app, or voting boxes?
  • Is there video and sound available at the venue?
  • Would you like to add your own quiz questions about your organization or colleagues to the quiz?

These and more questions, we are happy to discuss with you in a brief intake. After the intake we’ll know how best to help you.

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Frequently asked questions about a quiz with colleagues

How much does a pub quiz with quizmaster cost?

Costs depend on the location, size of the group, type of quiz, and any special requests, among other things. Do count on a minimum price of 425 euro for small groups. You will always receive a non-binding quote from us.

Is a (pub) quiz also suitable for larger groups?

Yes, we work with experienced quizmasters who have experience with both small and large groups (150+). In Dutch, English or German.

Can I supply my own quiz questions for the Pub Quiz?

Yes, that is possible. If you want to incorporate some questions about colleagues or your company, for example, that is possible.

Is the pub quiz deductible as a staff outing?

In many cases, yes. Under the Working Costs Regulation (WKR), employers can allow staff members to receive up to 1.2% of the total gross payroll, untaxed allowances and benefits in kind. This includes company outings and staff parties. This does come with some conditions.


Request an intake for a Pub Quiz with colleagues

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